HMHB has resumed our social events and trips.  See below for some examples of past outings. Currently being updated.

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English National Opera

HMHS Pinafore

December 2021

Natural History Museum

Wonderful Experience

January 2022

Science Museum


December 2021

Islington Museum 


HMHB were given a tour with

our Ajani group.

Islington Museum opened in May 2008, funded by a £1million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.[1] The museum, which replaced a previous museum at Islington Town Hall and is owned and operated by Islington Council It is located in the basement of Finsbury Library


This museum tells the history of the borough of Islington and its residents, through artefacts including books stolen from Islington libraries by Joe Orton and his lover Kenneth Halliwell, a bust of Lenin which had to be removed from Finsbury Town Hall because it was repeatedly defaced, plus letters and recordings from immigrants and residents caught in the world wars. Other local heroes associated with the borough are honoured in the museum's exploration of the political and ethical credentials of the area, including women's health pioneer Marie Stopes and eminent feminist pioneer Mary Wollstonecraft.

Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)



Thanks to Jack at Arsenal, we were lucky to get a couple of free tours for our Ajani groups.

The Emirates Stadium (known as Ashburton Grove prior to sponsorship, and as Arsenal Stadium for UEFA competitions) is a football stadium in Holloway, Islington, London, England, and the home of Arsenal FC. With a capacity of 60,704 it is currently the fourth largest stadium in England, after Wembley Stadium, Old Trafford, and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


We had  access to the Directors Entrance, Directors Box, Diamond Club, Players Entrance, Home and Away Dressing Room, Head Coach’s Office, Players Tunnel, Pitch side and Home Dugout, Flash Interview Rooms, Press Conference Room and Media Lounge

British Library


Both our Ajani group, and our Izzwalkers (pictured) have enjoyed a free tour of this fantastic building

An old rail goods yard in St Pancras would become the home of the British Library. Opening its doors to the public in November 1997 and receiving an official inauguration by HM Queen Elizabeth II the following June, the Library became the largest public building constructed in Britain in the last 100 years.

Although its modernist design by architect Sir Colin St. John Wilson originally divided critics, the building achieved Grade 1 listed status in 2015.


According to the British Library

  • Our collections include over 170 million items from almost every language and faith group.

  • Together, they occupy over 746km of total shelving – equivalent to the distance from London to Aberdeen, and this is growing an extra 8km every year. Meanwhile our digital collections amount to over 1 petabyte – equivalent to almost 3.5 years of non-stop HD-quality video footage.

  • We receive a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland through legal deposit. Last year we received over 500,000 printed and digital items and over 100 terabytes from the UK web domain.

  • If you see five items each day, it would take you over 80,000 years to see the whole of the collection.

  • Since it launched in 2004, the Endangered Archives Programme has preserved over a million manuscripts, documents, photographs, recordings and other at-risk materia

The Sky Garden

20 Fenchurch St.


Our Izzwalkers had a terrific time at the top of the "Walkie-Talkie" building in November 2019.

It's a whopping 155m up! It is located on floors 34 to 37 of the Walkie Talkie building offering you one of the best unobstructed views of London's top sites. Provided the skies are clear you should be able to see everything from Canary Wharf to Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, the Shard, the London Eye and more.


20 Fenchurch Streethas been nicknamed "The Walkie Talkie" because of its distinctive shape.  Construction was completed in spring 2014, and the three-floor 'sky garden' was opened in January 2015.

The Old Church

Stoke Newington


Our Izzwalkers loved our look at this incredible church

The Old Church is the only remaining Elizabethan church in London and one of the oldest in the country to have been built as an Anglican church. It owes its origins to Stoke Newington’s sixteenth century Lord of the Manor, William Patten. In 1563 he decided to rebuild the old parish church, which had become almost derelict. You can see the date, and the motto ‘ab alto’ (‘from above’), above the main door.


The Old Church was heavily bombed during the London Blitz of October 1940 but repairs were quickly carried out and services were held there from Christmas of that year. Further post-war repairs included the removal of most of the nineteenth century box pews. A few remain to this day, so you can experience how uncomfortable they were to sit in!



HMHB, together with Change Grow Live on Highbury Fields.

Luke, Lazza, and our service user Wayne are pictured.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods ran their first ever social event, in partnership with Change Grow Live, an organisation that helps people recovering from, and coping with addiction issues.

It was a fantastic afternoon on Highbury Fields, the largest outdoor area in Islington.

Community Get Togethers


In 2018 we enjoyed a fantastic Great Get Together event in Islington.  We got our Ajani people and Izzwalksers together, and even invited the local Islington Mayor along.

It was funded by a grant from Islington Council, and was important for us and community.  You can see from the photograph the diversity of our users.

We love these events. We wish we could do more.