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Our Focus

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods was set up to proactively promote a healthy lifestyle through access to health, fitness, budget and nutrition advice, concentrating on a unique fresh proactive approach to mental health.

Although anyone can take part in our programmes,

it is particularly aimed at those going through unemployment.

We are focused on working with service users with physical and/or mental health or emotional health issues.

We are also currently focusing on creating a day programme for corporate clients aimed at graduates, apprentices and students. 

Our Unique Selling Points

Our founder has been through periods of unemployment, as well as going through times of mental health issues, giving Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods a terrific insight into the problems surrounding stress, anxiety and depression.

By giving people access to a fully qualified Personal Trainer, we can treat each person as an individual, giving bespoke advice and relevant help specific for them, but at the same time involving them in a group which can help support them, and provide access to opportunities to be more active and get fitter.

As we are an independent organisation, we can build larger networks within the local community enabling Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods to provide quality, relevant intervention.

We only deal with positive thinking. Groups do not talk about past or current personal situations. It's all about moving forward.

Our Mission

  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods is a fresh approach to dealing with issues around physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Our aim is to improve the Mind-set, Health, Fitness and Routine of individuals so that they have the opportunity to live the best life possible.

  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods will provide courses focussing on promoting a Growth Mind-set, better physical activity, awareness of better nutrition and health, but in a fun active way, concentrating on a positive outlook.

  • We will work with both employed and unemployed people, targeting confidence, self-belief, responsibility, choice and being proactive, which will enable those out of work to get back into employment quicker, and those in work to be more energised and focused.

  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods aims to provide a quality, professional service, and will provide access to fully qualified personal trainers.

  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods will work alongside local services and community, building trust and partnerships for all our service users, so that they have an improved awareness of local amenities and provisions.

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