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Delighted that we are be back working with users once more.
To the right, feedback to our Ajani course Apr/May 2021
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"absolutely life changing course.  Clear, unpatronising, friendly, inventive, funny, informative, and crucial approach to self-care, nutrition, and exercise.   Lawrence is a gem, and both he and Oliver were born to be communicators, both are highly skilled at imparting information with great humility, humour, and both possess a wealth of knowledge and great soul.  They seem to understand how to incorporate these vital life survival skills whilst inside the mind of depression and debilitating anxiety, without ever being anything less than empathetic and caring.  Wonderful people.  I am so glad I got myself to attend this course."

200312 Lazza and Dean to meet DWP Isling

HMHB:  Back working with users

Delighted that our walks, fitness sessions, and our fantastic Course are all back working with our amazing users in Islington, Camden, Haringey and Hackney.  And we are looking to branch out even further.


Making additions to our online social media and blogs, and applying for funding so we can provide online intervention too


health packs

Between April 2020 and March 2021, HMHB produced 50 Weekly Health Packs, around 26 pages every week.

All 50 in PDF form on this website.

From May 2021, we have moved to Monthly Health Packs of 36 pages.

Focus on Mind-set, Nutrition, Health, and Exercise, with games, news, recipes and fun.

All issues are in PDF form to download on this website.  Our latest (November 2021) is Issue 7.


recipe page

Between April 2020 and March 2021, HMHB produced weekly health packs, and from issue 3 our Lazza produced a new recipe each week he had never cooked from scratch before.

He produced 48 of them, now in PDF form on our recipe page.  Do check them out.

The new monthly health packs will include a mixture of new and older recipes which will be in PDF form too on recipe page.  So there are now 60 in all to try.

IMG_1505 (Edited).JPG

exercise sessions

HMHB is providing three weekly fitness sessions available to all ages and abilities.

Tuesdays, indoors at Highbury Leisure Centre from 9:30am.

Wed, Sat from 9:30am on Highbury Fields.  Main field near top where the closed off road runs through, near to Highbury Place side.

Due to weather issues, Wednesday and Saturday are currently on hold.  Tuesdays are sponsored by Islington Giving.

Do join us.

national lottery community.png


HMHB successfully applied for small funding from the National Lottery Communities Fund to continue the health packs back in September.

However, we now need to find more funding to continue the packs and our work.

We will be applying to Awards For All from the Lottery, but all moneys are welcome.  Do get in touch.


walking challenge

HMHB virtually climbed Kilimanjaro with WWAD in November 2020.

With people all over the world, we completed our 44 miles trip by circling Highbury Fields every morning.

In February 2021, we then walked the length of the Grand Canyon.

In November 2021 we completed another challenge, including London.



Health Blog

Do check out our health blog, as we are trying to add new entries every week on Mindset, Health, Nutrition and Exercise

Apologies to the few entries this year, although there are past entries.

This has been due to workload from the pandemic.


Funding from camden

A small funding grant enabled us to provide a personal trainer for our indoor Tuesday session at Highbury Leisure Centre.

Do come along and join us at 9:30am, as we also work with Kentish Town Job Centre clients.

This worked very well.


2021 course with HWN

HMHB is delivered a fantastic Ajani course for Haringey Well Being Network funded by Haringey Giving.

This course started in February and finished in May.  Check out the feedback at the top of this page.  Wow!!!.

We are hoping to return there when we get core funding.



Delighted to announce HMHB finally ventured into the online class environment.

From Sunday 14th February, HMHB had the first of our weekly Zumba class, with our fantastic Karina looking after us all.

We have moved the Zumba outdoors, see below, but if it is raining we will continue on Zoom instead.



Our Ajani Mindset course has completed with Haringey Well Being Network.

Delighted to have Oliver join myself and Dean.

Focusing on Mind-set, Nutrition, Exercise and Health, our unique delivery once again creating terrific feedback, as seen at top of this page.

Lawrence presented on 11 March to over 100 DWP Universal Credit staff around this course.  Hoping for good news with that.


quiz night

HMHB started our very own quiz night, which is accessible for people of all ages and abilities as very little actual intelligence is required.

It is more about having some fun with friends.

A Zoom link is sent out to people, so if you would like to participate please contact us.  We have a terrific laugh, and there have been some cracking answers so far.

Quiz: every Thursday evening at 7:30pm

logo-izzwalkz png.png


HMHB resumed their weekly Izzwalkz CP around Clissold Park in April.

We meet outside Highbury Grange Medical Practice and leave at 11am.  This is a more leisurely walk, and more about older people, but all are welcome.



Sunday Morning are Zumba time, outdoors on Highbury Fields at 11am (if raining we will do via Zoom).

We then follow that with a friendly picnic to get people together again.  Due to winter months, this is now postponed till next March.  We have a permit from Islington Council allowing us to do Zumba.

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