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During Tier 4 lockdown, we are walking around Highbury Fields.

We have also started some Zoom intervention.

More details to follow below.

Please get the vaccine, stay safe, stay active. :-)

200312 Lazza and Dean to meet DWP Isling


Dea and Lazza are busy working during lockdown for you.  Do check below for all our news.

We hope you enjoy our new health packs, and Lazza's recipes he is cooking for the first time.


Making additions to our online social media and blogs, and applying for funding so we can provide online intervention too

health packs

HMHB have been producing weekly health packs since April 2020, especially for people during lockdown.

We reach over 1000 people now, through multiple organisations.

The latest 26 page weekly issue, number 46, was released

Mon: 1st March 2021.

Check them all out on our health pack page.

recipe page

For the health packs, we have been providing a weekly recipe.

These have been cooked by our Lazza, and each one is the first time he has ever created that dish from scratch.

We wanted to demonstrate that we can all learn new skills.

Check them out on the website recipe page.

44 prepared so far, a mix of savoury, puddings, cakes and bakes

exercise sessions

HMHB continues to provide access to fitness and health.

Outdoor Group Sessions will resume on Highbury Fields on the 29th March 2021, as per the official guidelines on outdoor exercise.

We will be looking to resume our gym sessions from the middle of April when they open again.

More news to follow.


HMHB successfully applied for small funding from the National Lottery Communities Fund to continue the health packs back in September.

However, we now to to find more funding to continue the packs and our work.

walking challenge

HMHB virtually climbed Kilimanjaro with WWAD in November 2020.

With people all over the world, we completed our 44 miles trip by circling Highbury Fields every morning.

In February 2021, we then walked the length of the Grand Canyon.


Health Blog

Do check out our health blog, as we are adding multiple entries every week on Mindset, Health, Nutrition and Exercise

Funding from camden

Small Funding Grant Award to work with Kentish Town Job Centre in 2021 with their clients.

We will be providing exercise sessions, plus mind-set.

Delighted to announce we are finally launching this the first week of April.

2021 course with HWN

We have been asked to provide a 12 week course for Haringey Well-Being Network.

Delighted to announce we have won funding from Haringey Giving, and started on Monday 15th February via Zoom.

It's going to be a lot of fun.


Delighted to announce HMHB has finally ventured into the online class environment.

Sunday 14th February, HMHB had our first Zumba class, with our fantastic Karina looking after us all.

We are planning more exercise sessions, available to all ages and abilities, plus various entertainments too.


Our Ajani Mindset course has started online with Haringey Well Being Network.

Delighted to have Oliver join myself and Dean.

Focusing on Mind-set, Nutrition, Exercise and Health, our unique delivery is once again creating terrific feedback.

Lawrence is presenting in March to around 170 DWP Universal Credit staff around this course. 

to come

To Come

to come

To come

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