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Feedback from our Ajani Course with Haringey Well-Being Network in Spring 2021

"absolutely life changing course.  Clear, unpatronising, friendly, inventive, funny, informative, and crucial approach to self-care, nutrition, and exercise.   Lawrence is a gem, and both he and Oliver were born to be communicators, both are highly skilled at imparting information with great humility, humour, and both possess a wealth of knowledge and great soul.  They seem to understand how to incorporate these vital life survival skills whilst inside the mind of depression and debilitating anxiety, without ever being anything less than empathetic and caring.  Wonderful people.  I am so glad I got myself to attend this course."

Feedback from our Ajani Course with Kentish Town Job Centre in Spring 2023

“I was recommended the course by my disability advisor at the job Centre, Genevieve, who is always looking for helpful opportunities for the people seeing her. The structure was divided into mindset-building activities, and physical exercise. Initially I felt they were a bit incongruent, but after week 2 realised they both worked towards improving mood and health to help people struggling to motivate themselves to improve their situation. From this pov the structure was ideal, this should be more clearly communicated at the start, but the course was exactly what I was looking for, as these are things I struggle with and am looking to improve.

I learned good mindset skills like how being in a downward spiral can seem more difficult to escape than it actually is due to the way we think influencing our abilities, and I learned about the reason why some foods are better to have than others, some give you a quick sugar high then leave you hungry again quickly, while others are nourishing because it takes longer to break them down by your body, giving you nutrition throughout the whole day, I've modified my diet according to this and done research on foods that work for my goals.

The HMHB people were excellent and a huge part of why I got so much out of my short time with them. Lawrence has a great attitude to improving the lives of people attending and seems very trustworthy from the start, as well as being very enthusiastic and hardworking in preparing fun activities for everyone to participate in. Jack was always helpful in spotting good and poor exercise technique and made himself available whenever I had questions to ask of him.

I would certainly recommend HMHB because of the above reasons, i.e., the attitude of the organisers and the usefulness of the material.

I don't know how useful it is for people who already work out, but I think it's incredibly useful for people just starting with working out and having trouble finding their footing, or people who have been on a certain routine for a while (like me) who wanted to learn more useful things about nutrition and exercise, as well as mindset.”

200206 Pancras Gym Week 1.JPG

Kentish Town Group 

The feedback that Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods received from our Kentish Town Group was some of the best we have had so far. It was extraordinary and astonishing, and demonstrates our fresh approach to mental health can really work..

To read the report on our Ajani program with the Kentish Town Group click here

We asked particpants to give us quotes on the course. Here are just a few. Pls click the report above for the full feedback:

Before, I was not in a good place. Just getting out of the house was a struggle, but having these scheduled meetings, and hearing tips especially on mindset, exercise and diet, got me into a rhythm that I hope I will be able to keep up.”


I came without expectations, but was addicted to the amount of activities and learning opportunities provided.


Such a positive and supportive, practical and social upbeat experience.

SHP Group 2

The feedback obtained from our Ajani program with the Single Homeless Project Group showed that our unique approach can help individuals to take first steps in changing their lives for the better.

To read the report on our Ajani program with the SHP Group click here

For a comprehensive list of quotes, pls click the report above.

Participants had many brilliant things to say about the course, its delivery and those who delivered the course. Below are some of the things that were said:

 “Preferred to attend the Ajani course”


''I felt more confident and empowered


Lawrence, Luke and Dean have a lot to offer people in dark places

171031 Ajani SHP 4.JPG
180621 Ajani Boxing SHP 6.JPG

SHP Group 3

This Ajani program with the SHP Group in 2018 added to the positive feedback already gathered from the users who participated in our 2017 group, showing that our approach does actually work.

To read the report on our Ajani program with the SHP Group click here

For a full list of all quotes, pls click the report above

Participants were asked to comment on their experience of the Ajani program. Below are some of the things they said:

I enjoyed the new experience of life skills and fitness goals. The nutrition was interesting, not difficult and easy for everybody

Exercise sessions have been fun, and the nutrition information has been informative


The Passion of Ajani comes through. The people embody the spirit of the Ajani approach.

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