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Highbury Grange Medical Practice are partners in our Izzwalkz Clissold Park walk every Thursday morning.

We have enjoyed a terrific relationship with them and their staff since November 2016, and have to thank Fateha for the opportunity and for believing in us.

Clissold .png

Clissold Park is the largest outdoor area in Hackney, and we have been walking round it since November 2016.

They have been vocal in their support for us on Twitter, and even gave us a tour of Clissold House for the group.

Highbury fields .png

Highbury Fields is the largest outdoor area in Islington, and we have been walking and exercising there with Better Gym since 2019.

We have used the Fields for a couple of social picnic events too.

Islington Coucil

Our local Councillors oversee a fund that small projects can apply for.

We have been forunate to get funding twice for Izzwalkz, and have to thank Osh Gantly, Sue Lukes and Caroline Russell for their wonderful support.

We are also supported by local MP, Jeremy Corbyn

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