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AJANI Impact

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods has been delighted with the feedback from our AJANI programmes, which can run between four to seven sessions. 

Our service users have all said that they are more energised and focused, and they have gained greater awareness of the benefits of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. 

There is some terrific help around this kind of intervention. However, Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods has been told by the service users that they really enjoy our unique delivery in comparison to other programmes that they have been on. We feel our intervention enhances other courses.

The biggest outcome is that clients report that they are a lot more confident about their own future, and that is down to how we have designed the AJANI programme. 

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods, themselves, have adapted the programme from the feedback received, so that the content can increase impact levels and delivers more of the outcomes that the service users are looking for.

Here are direct quotes from people who have been on our AJANI programmes

 ''The Passion of AJANI comes through. I would recommend this to anyone''

''AJANI has been amazing. I have felt energised. Thank you for all that you have done for me''

''My confidence is stronger, I would like to do another course like this''

''Very well thought out course. Well structured''

Izzwalkz Impact

The Izzwalkz project started in November 2016 with four people attending our first healthy walk in partnership with Highbury Grange Medical Centre.  One of these was a patient from the health centre, who said at the time " It is the first time I have spoken to someone in 3 days''.

This has been a running theme since the start. Many people who have come on the walk have reported that the social inclusion is as important as the exercise.

Most of our participants have suffered some kind of physical or mental issue, but say they feel happier and more energised after several walks. The health centre has also reported how much the users have enjoyed coming to the walk, and in fact they look forward to returning each week.

A quote from Joan;

' I needed to get out of the house, basically, and it's a bit lonely going on your own'' 

This has been the biggest impact. The fact that we provide an opportunity for people to get outdoors, in a group, and socialise together, but also demonstrate the importance of exercise in their daily routine.

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