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HMHB are applying for various monies to develop more sessions.

Our indoor Tuesday session is at Highbury Leisure Centre - 9:30am. - with PT Dean

Our outdoor Friday session, with Healthy Generations is on Highbury Fields - 9:45am - with PT Sarah.

Our outdoors Saturday session is on Highbury Fields - 9:45am

Our Sunday Zumba/Fitness Sessions are Highbury Fields 11am, followed at 12pm by a bring your own food/drink Picnic

Contact HMHB for more details.  All sessions are free.  We have ages 18-90.  Just come along.

Fitness Sessions

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods currently manage three free fitness sessions in studios provided by Better Gyms. Please see the bottom of page for the current.


They are uniquely tailored for people who wouldn't normally attend a gym, but enables them to experience a group session, overseen by a Fully Qualified Personal Trainer.


It is available to people of all ages, capabilities, shapes, and strengths. We make it fun, but also ensure you go away feeling great.

We are proud to have people come who have been on our Izzwalkz initiative, as well as those using other Islington organisations - such as Single Homeless Project, Better Lives, the Eagle Project, Islington Mind, Icope, and various Health Centres.

If you want to experience a fun welcoming group, improve your fitness, make new friends, and not feel out of place, then do come along and join us. Entry is free.

Concept of Fitness 

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods promotes a healthy lifestyle, and that incorporates the need to look after your mental, emotional and physical health. One very important way to do that is to maintain a good level of fitness – and that naturally means exercise.


That word “exercise” can be scary. People naturally assume you must go running for an hour, or get to the gym and pump weights. But actually, it is more about movement, flexibility, and trying to push your own boundaries. Of course, due to age, size, illness and disability, it is inevitable people can struggle to complete physical exercise. But it is important to do what you can. The effects on your body can prevent disease, Strokes and even various Cancers. It helps with breathing, joints, and strength.


You have One body, and One life, and you have a responsibility to do everything possible to ensure you give yourself the best chance of having a long productive life.

This is why Healthy Minds, healthy Bods runs group fitness sessions, free to participants, which are tailored so everyone can participate, but also encourage, motivate and push people to better health and fitness. We want sessions to be fun, fresh, and introduce people to the many different ways they can work on their health at home. Yes, we do these in a gym environment if possible, but that is just to bring people together. Exercise can be done anywhere; in the park, at home - and is even better with a friend with you.

Fitness Sessions

Sobell Centre

currently paused for Covid

Meet outside

Sobell Centre, Hornsey Road, N7 7NY

Every Saturday Morning 9am to 10am


St Pancras Leisure Centre

currently paused for Covid

Meet outside

St Pancras Leisure Centre, 5 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AG

Every Thursday Morning 9am to 10am


Highbury Leisure Centre
currently ACTIVE

Meet outside

Highbury Leisure Centre, Highbury Crescent, N5 1RR

Every Tuesday Morning 9:25am to 10:30am

Please note: the Leisure Centre is more at the base of the point of the Fields.

We currently have one indoor gym session going - see below.

We are hoping to get the others restarted as soon as possible.

This is mainly down to funding.

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